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Welcome to DEWYNTERS, the world’s leading marketing agency for live entertainment, leisure and culture. For over 100 years we’ve been creating, inspiring and innovating to engage and excite audiences all across the world. Our fully integrated strategy, marketing and communications services develop live events into brands and turn brands into experiences. In 2016 DEWYNTERS Germany teamed up with sister agencies DEWYNTERS London and SPOTCO in New York to share with our clients an unrivalled global network of expertise. We’re groundbreaking, we’re independent and we have a passion you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s raise the curtain for you.


Brand & Creative

The idea makes the benchmark

Creativity is the power that moves all of us. We develop brands that inspire, visuals that take the breath away and campaigns that engage with confidence. Using pioneering digital marketing and online strategies we communicate with your target audience at any and every contact point, leading them and you to the only thing that matters: an unforgettable experience.

Strategy & Planning

Planning determines the approach

The foundation of any inspiring live-event is a purposeful marketing and communications strategy. We know the markets, we know the trends and we know how to move people. You won’t ever receive anything off-the-shelf at Dewynters: everything is customised and tailored precisely to your live event.


Media creates magic

Media creates magic. Our unrivalled network of media contacts guarantees whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we’ll tailor a seamlessly integrated cross-platform campaign that excites, engages and delivers everything you’re looking for

PR & Promotion

We approach our press relationships and PR just like we do everything else – creatively. We always see things differently and harness the thinking power of everyone at Dewynters to create storms of excitement across the worlds of social media, press, tv and radio. We know what stories people want and we know exactly how to tell them.

Marketing & Partnerships

Partnerships strengthen us

Partnerships strengthen us all and we specialize in bringing together what belongs together. Strategic alliances, sponsoring, co-branding, location naming, hosting and event marketing are just some of the areas where we can take your live event and introduce it to the widest audience possible.

Digital Marketing & Website Development

Technology determines trends

We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital technology so it’s not enough to just follow trends, you have to be the one setting the trend. From innovative digital marketing to uniquely engaging website development, we’re always one step ahead of everyone else and one step closer to your audience.

Ticketing, Pricing & Yield Management

Ticketing makes it possible

Everything we do is based on the idea that a ticket exists to be sold. Our relationships throughout the entertainment industry are second to none, plus our pioneering sales initiatives and dynamic pricing strategies ensure your show is always the hottest ticket in town.

Research, Data & Analytics

Knowledge leads to success

Knowledge leads to success and here at Dewynters success is never coincidental. We develop cutting-edge marketing strategies for our clients and partners based on extensive data and market analysis, as well as qualitative and quantitative research. All of our campaigns are continuously monitored and analysed to make sure your success is always evolving, reacting and growing.

reach4entertainment: The future stands behind us.

DEWYNTERS Hamburg is part of the reach4entertainment Enterprises (r4e), the world’s number one for entertainment promotion and brand development within the areas of theatre, musicals, film and live entertainment. The listed holding, based in London, combines extraordinary expertise in the fields of marketing and brand communication under one roof. DEWYNTERS London and SPOTCO New York along with the outdoor signage, display and front of house specialists NEWMAN Displays Ltd in London are also part of the group’s portfolio. We are delighted to be part of this international network and it’s no secret that this global alliance benefits us all tremendously.

Dewynters Hamburg: Finally also in Germany.

DEWYNTERS Hamburg is the youngest agency within the global marketing network of the reach4entertainment group. Established in 2016, our office is located next to the outer Alster lake in calling distance of the dignified Hotel Atlantic. We are a fully independent marketing agency and offer our clients a full service from A as in developing ideas to Z as in Ticketing. DEWYNTERS Hamburg unites the over 100 years of experience and competency within the entertainment brand DEWYNTERS with a modern strategic approach, that is oriented towards the growing demands with regards to the rapidly developing digitalisation and technologisation. The agency is led by proven live-entertainment-experts and doesn’t have a unique market positioning in Germany alone.

Hamburg: gateway to the entertainment world.

It is not a coincidence that DEWYNTERS Hamburg is not called DEWYNTERS Fulda. Behind New York and London, Hamburg is the third most important musical, theater, concert and live entertainment location. The hanse city has a prominent position within the entertainment industry due to its now five musical theatres, the Reeperbahn, the museum of art, harbor city, diverse museums, two ski centres and many other culture and art highlights. Hamburg combines the maritime flair of a cosmopolitan and harbor city with the tremendous experience value of fascinating attractions. Certainly, the most prominent expression of this continuously growing self-confidence is the stunning Elbphilharmonic that has validated the city on the Elbe River in its significance as a continental experience and adventure capital.

Dewynters London: mother of all agencies.

Public perception is that the success story of DEWYNTERS in London is closely linked to the bloom of the first great musical production. Who doesn’t know Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats or Phantom of the Opera. The classics started their unparalleled triumph in London, out of the DEWYNTERS offices – carried by legendary key visuals, campaigns and creatives. The history of the agency, however, goes back more than 140 years as it was founded in 1876 already and can therefore confidently be called the pioneer of modern marketing. Today, more than ever before, DEWYNTERS London is one of the Big Players within the entertainment business. Its exceptional service portfolio allows DEWYNTERS London to function as the heart of live-entertainment-marketing worldwide.

London: Our happy-end is the West End.

The West End in London is the pulsing heart of entertainment within this cosmopolitan city as well as the birth place of countless great show, musical and theater highlights. Here, in the centre of the city on the Thamse river, you can feel it stronger than anywhere else in the world: the pulse of the exceptionally great live entertainment. This mega city with its cultural highlights has an incomparable, almost magnetic pull for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is the place where all the great musical premieres are celebrated. Here, stars of the theatre and stage world shake hands, when it comes to prestige and attention. And this is the place where time never stands still. With its unique dynamic, driven by the audience’s global hunger for entertainment, London reinvents itself again every day to stay exciting.

Spotco: Highway to Broadway.

Whoever wants to be successful on Broadway or near Broadway will not find a way around our sister agency SPOTCO in New York City. Among the sparkling glitter world of the Times Square metropolis, this agency has compiled a unique entertainment expertise since its founding in 1997. Almost all small and large renowned theatre, musical and show highlights – among which are a great number of Tony Award winners - have begun their success story in marketing and communication right here. Additionally, SPOTCO advises countless cultural institutions, TV-networks and live entertainment corporations entirely in a 360-service manner. The fact that the agency’s offices are located on 119 W 40th Street, in the very heart of the entertainment world, almost goes without saying.

New York: The City that never sleeps.

If you want to sleep, go drive into the countryside. If you want to experience something, come to New York. In the almost uncountable theatres on and surrounding the broadway night becomes day and days turn into nights. Nowhere else in the world is there a larger variety, a more dazzling and more diverse offering of entertainment, culture and art than in Manhattan. If you want to get an overview of the current highlights, just turn around in a circle at Times Square and let the brightly coloured, 24/7 sparkling neon signs and huge billboards take effect. Nevertheless, this is only one of the many faces, this entertainment metropolis located on the Hudson river has to offer. The museum district east of the Central Park is legendary, every corner of New York bears an invitation to experience something. Showtime!

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